How To Grill Ribs With Baby Joe Sadler

How To Cook Ribs On The Grill

“Baby” Joe Sadler, raconteur and grill aficionado, has been developing and perfecting his quick grilling method for cooking ribs over direct heat.

When you don’t have time to slow smoke your ribs all day, Joe’s technique may be just the  thing to get succulent juicy ribs from the grill to your table. When you are pressed for time, this just may be the trick.

Joe recommends basting your ribs with Italian salad dressing during the browning process…

Joe wraps his pre-marinated ribs in foil, and puts them bone side down on a hot grill. The ribs, retain their juices and steam a little bit. I know, you purists are cringing at the word “steam” but watch the video and think about cooking for guests on short notice.



Watch The Video on YouTube

“Eat ’till we retreat” -Baby Joe Sadler

 Let your ribs cook for 30 minutes. Flip them to bone side up and let them cook another 30 minutes.

Unwrap the foil and brown your ribs, for 5-10 minutes each side. We are just trying to color the ribs a little to give them the “grilled” look and texture. Use your own judgment at this point.

Joe recommends basting your ribs with Italian salad dressing during the browning process.

Give Joe’s method a try. I like his idea to “dip” the ribs in sauce rather than painting them with it.


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11 Responses to How To Grill Ribs With Baby Joe Sadler

  1. Peggy says:

    Love me some Baby Joe!!!

    • admin says:

      We do to!

      • Subbiah says:

        Oops! Sorry wildreams toghhut I was No. 1. Haha. Not really boring coz I still think Singapore style BBQ chicken wing is still the best.I haven’t tried this type of pork BBQ yet but, will sure want to try it in our next outdoor BBQ at Sembawang Park. Haha.

    • Thiago says:

      dude its BBQ ribs, its not about health its about taste.But to asenwr your question.You lose fat with both cooking methods. About Vitamins they mostly die in both processes. Some people state the smoke from grilling to be carcinogen. I just remember that open flames have been the only cooking methode for centurys. Now if you want to be complete healthy, steam them. It keeps the taste, but your missing the grill flavor. Its still better than boiling them tho .

    • Max says:

      recipe for the best ribs:1. get baby back ribs2. apply rub- salt, pepper, garilc, cayanne, onion salt, etc. (be liberal with rub)3. rap in tin foil4. bake at 250 degrees for two hours in oven5. take ribs out of tin foil and place on CHARCOAL grill.6 apply barbecue sauce and flip, apply bbq sauce and flip, Constantly flip7. grill for 5-10 minutes.8. EAT THE BEST RIBS U EVER HAD

  2. Suzzane says:

    I made these today with a dry rub i got off their website and lemme tell ya, it was GOOD. They came out fall off the bone with no bonliig or trickery in 2 hours flat. awesome recipe only drawback is there were no leftovers lol. top notch video keep em coming

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